Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Garden Layout v2.0

Thanks, everyone for the comments, and I have taken them to heart as you can see below.

While the new layout actually yields more corn stalks, I may not benefit - the last time corn seeds were planted, the garden was meticulously cared for, and near the projected harvest date, I raced to the backyard after work every day to check the silk's color with basket in hand. Anyone who has had corn fresh off the stalk understands why I wanted to hover.

On Mother Nature's appointed day, I got home to find the garden decimated by squirrels. Those buggers had harvested almost 3/4 of what had been planted, and to my extreme annoyance only nibbled a quarter of what they left on the ground.

But what I did get makes this effort worth it.

Please feel free to comment on either the current, proposed layout, or critter control strategy.



  1. Dont worry even if you do not yield any corn at all to eat, you can still cut the stalks at the base and use them for decoration in the fall!

  2. Hmm,that's a new thought - My initial reaction would be to cut the stalks at the base & beat the squirrels with them.

    Hassan! Iron Chef Alabama appears to be making a stew!