Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Not A Dull Blade In The Place

I started serious woodworking around the mid-eighties around the time carbide-tipped saw blades were becoming affordable to the average Tom.  Back then I just took it for granted that a man who lived not too far from me could sharpen my dull blades to keep the operation fiscally responsible.

After the Boyz were born, my Shop's activities shifted more toward furniture restoration (baby-bed, bunk-beds & the chests-O-drawers from MY early days) than general construction.  As a consequence, my trips to the man with the blade sharpening tools on Toftoy Drive stopped.

Four or five years ago, when the Shop found me building more cabinets, I decided to ask Santa to bring me some new saw blades just so I would have a blade of the right capability to use while the dull one was being sharpened.

A couple of months ago, after finding a bountiful collection of saw blades needing attention & deciding there was no need to purchase anything new, I phoned The Man on Toftoy Drive only to hear Ma Bell's tones followed by "This number is no longer in service".

After poking around the Internet & not finding an alternative I liked, I got my bride to check around here.  Success! Although The New Man was on the north side of town, Kim had PTA business in the general area, and was able to drop-off & pickup the tools for me.

176 teeth total sharpened for $50 - No complaints there; Any one of the four blades purchased new would have cost more than that.

Between Kim's help, and the seven years elapsed time, it's probably now time to make Project Big Tub's laundry room cabinet doors.  But if nothing else, it's cool to be ready for what comes next.