Friday, November 13, 2015

Tom's Clock Wërks

One of my hobbies that fell by the wayside after my children were born was clock repair.  Self-taught, my workbench used to have all the tools necessary to clean & oil most any unit, and do simple repair within easy reach.  In fact, one of my "what if?" scenarios for retirement income at the time was to take in clock repairs because the talent appears to be a dying art.

Recently, I  took possession of both a non-operational shelf clock that has been in my family for many decades, and a mantle clock that does not necessarily chime when it is supposed to.

After hanging a cherry shelf recycled from another project I built many years ago,  the two clocks, plus another mantle clock shelved many years ago for un-remembered reasons were set in motion.

Counting the cuckoo clock on the adjoining wall, there are now four clocks in the room ticking... and chiming.  Two of them on the quearter-hour.  While I love it, all the activity appears to annoy my wife.  Especially if the overhead train is running & whistling while the clocks are chiming.

As of this moment, the shelf clock's repair is almost complete, and parts have been ordered for the other two movements.

It has been fun to slip back in to hobby I used to enjoy.