Friday, April 1, 2016

Ceiling Train Track Lighting

LED strip lighting was installed on the T&K Railway several months ago in an effort to both illuminate my antique 0-Guage rolling stock, and add a certain amount of ambience.  Sadly, it was just too bright for its intended purpose.

But thanks to eBay, remote controlled dimmers were added to the 53 feet of lighting to limit the lumens.  Although the goal was only to dim the brightness, the controllers' remote has the capabilty to disco-ball the presentation.

The clip above starts with the lighting dimmed to its lowest setting of 25% in a room otherwise illuminated by indirect evening sun from a window.  Afterwards, buttons are pushed on the newly-added, LED dimming remote to show possible light settings.  The crossing bell sound is another topic.

I do, however, get great benefit out of the 100% setting for practicing my brass instruments.