Sunday, April 27, 2014

TalkAbout.. Pop Rivet

The fuel lines on my hedge clippers got sheared off the carb this weekend by an errant sprig.

The local big box store sold me a generic, fuel line repair kit with two, one-foot pieces of fuel line that appeared to fit the bill.

It almost did;  after fishing a couple inches of one line into the fuel tank to attach to the filter, that line came up short.

Fortunately, the other line was just a little bit too long. Although the lines had different outside diameters, the inside diameters were the same.  Problem was that I had no coupler.

But I AM a proud owner of a vintage Airstream which means I have a WIDE selection of aluminum pop rivets.  After cutting the button off of one, I had my coupler.

The primer pumped up with no leaks.  NOW I'm ready to tackle the euonymus.