Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Northern Ribs

Slowly but surely, I'm trying to get better at smoking meat on my Brinkmann water smoker.  It's a pleasant challenge because so many different things will affect the final product.  While the prevailing wisdom around here is to smoke food with hickory wood, the Internet told me that Yankees prefer oak.  Since some of my best Internet friends are from up there, I decided to try it.

A freshly sharpened, antique blade of very few carbide teeth on the RAS made short work of creating chunks of white oak for the effort.

Up till now, ribs have been problematic because they fit a Brinkmann smoker poorly.  Fortunately there's Facebook - Candy, one of my friends from way back, posted a picture of a  simple concept that had eluded me until now - wrap the ribs with cotton string in a circle.

Between my latest sugar-based dry rub, and Candy's technique the ribs were outstanding.

Can't wait to smoke ribs with the right wood - I may just hit the competition circuit!