Friday, April 20, 2012

One A/C Down, One To Go

Well, the repair I made on my home's air conditioner lasted until the day after I patted myself on the back about making it. I had not appreciated how bad the condition of the post on the compressor actually was.

The next day I compared notes with a really sharp engineer at the office, and we both decided a metal ring with a set-screw on the side of it squishing a new flat connector against the nappy area would be the best bet for a permanent repair. The problem was that I was going to have to design & build it, and a quicker solution was preferred.

Luckily, I mentioned the problem to my buddy Kenny, who has a background in HVAC, before pulling out my drafting tools. While he agreed with the solution's premise, he advised me to not reinvent the wheel - Just ask ask for a Compressor Terminal Repair Kit at the HVAC parts store.

Excellent product - I do think whatever I might have designed/built would not have been as nice. This latest repair has been in place for about a month, and is going strong. It's great to have friends like Kenny.

No update on the Suburban A/C repair. Unless either the price of gas or refrigerant R-134a drops appreciably, it looks like my Silverado will be on point for Airstream duty.