Saturday, October 30, 2021

Re-discovering Music As I Get Older


Like many people I enjoyed playing in the school band while growing up.  Since I had already learned how to read music while studying piano before then, trumpet was easier for me as opposed to others not so fortunate.  But I really wanted to play trombone instead of trumpet.  Life with parents in the '70s was what it was and I got over it.

Jump ahead to eight years ago.  I decided to teach myself trombone.  It went so well that I progressed to euphonium and tuba.  Although the trumpet was re-integrated into my world about four years ago it is obvious to me that I should have been a low brass player because I am getting good at it.  

My childhood piano was wheeled into the practice room at one point and it was instrumental in helping me slot notes while learning the tuba.

All this went really slow because in the last few years because I had a beer or two before starting practice.  Week day drinking has now stopped.  The fun has begun.

As i related to my siblings, "I was never big shakes on the piano.  But after getting kind of good at my myriad of brass instruments I have returned to practicing the piano.  Trying to learn Bach 2-part Inventions today for my own reasons.  Practicing longer now on piano than I ever did for Mrs. Wooten and brass than I ever did in high school.  I finally want to."

Here's a shot of "Tom's Room".  Have a happy Halloween!