Friday, January 1, 2010

Hi Ho!!!! It's off to snow we go...

My Overlander has been moved off Mt. Airstream for loading in preparation of a three day trip visiting Snow Mountain. In a "first", since the weather is predicted to be well below freezing tonight & subsequent nights, plans are to tow to our destination with the Airstream still winterized.

No big deal other than the outside possibility of one or more of the Overlander's Corning windows self-destructing for less than obvious reasons. Plans are to tow the Airstream 'dry', and de-winterize at the campsite. As long as the heat is running once we've made camp, enjoying the attractions should not be an issue. We've got two full propane bottles for the furnace, and two supplemental space heaters (a primary & a backup) for the trip in addition to Aunt Ela's quilts. Staying warm will not be an issue.

But I'm concerned about the trip back in potentially freezing weather with water still in the plumbing lines.

So, in another first, plans are to winterize the Overlander before we leave the campground. The Mighty Burb's cargo for this expedition now includes a new five-gallon vessel of shop air @120 psi fitted with a pressure regulator, and three gallons of RV antifreeze.

Life would not be complete without a new adventure every now & then. I'm hoping for the best on this one.

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  1. Everything will go as NOT planned and it will be great. It will be great because you are Airstreaming. My poor Anna sits in a wet muddy field. A team of oxen would be needed to get her out at this point. Have a great camping trip....