Thursday, March 31, 2011

No one calls me "Mr. Patient"

About a month ago, seeds were planted in a Jiffy Greenhouse in an effort to get an early start on this year’s Victory Garden. “Kitchen window” planting is new to me so I don’t know what to expect.

The seeds germinated in a reasonable amount of time. After that, growth appeared to stop, and the seedlings now appear to be hanging out waiting for something. From research, I don’t remember Oliver having this situation.

Today, in an effort to appease the plants, watering consisted of a pre-mixed (weak) solution of Miracle-Gro. Viewing left to right, there’s parsley, green pepper, and tomatoes in the following image.

The tomatoes lazing about like they are caught me by surprise; but they’ve been like that for many days.

I don’t know if I need to be patient, or do something different. Comments are both welcome, and invited.



  1. I have never had any luck using the jiffy pots. The plants always seem to do exactly what you are experience. When I started seeds(I no longer start seeds except in the ground due to this) I used 4" pots with a seed starter mix. I just buy plants now for tomatoes because we grow a large variety of heirloom tomatoes and all those packets would be too many wasted seeds. Have you seen Territorial Seed Co? They sell seeds and plants. The varieties are astounding. Call em up and get a catalog 800-626-0866.
    On a parting note; tomatoes get Miracid. Mirical grow for the rest.

  2. Tear the bottom off the peat pots and plant them in 4's like Frank suggests. They are probably root bound so breaking a few roots would help.Plant them low in the pot and slowly fill the pot when the stems get a little thicker. New roots will grow from the stems .
    Don't fertilize till you put them in the ground. Again tear the bottom off the pot and plant in a little lower in the hole. Add bone meal or super phosphate as per bag recommendations.I usually add a hand full of 10-10-10 and mix it in before I plant.
    Do you think you might be over watering ? Let the plants soil dry to touch before watering. They don't look yellow so I suspect water is not the problem strangling roots are

  3. Tomato seedlings get leggy like that when they don't have adequate light. When the light is coming from the side, the seedlings will always try to grow towards the light and will end up with weak, thin stems. For future plantings, you should hang a couple of fluorescent lights just an inch or so above the seedlings, raising the light up as the seedlings grow.

    They can be saved, as crowldawg has described. Just try not to handle those spindly stems if possible, as they will be easy to crush.

    Good luck!