Monday, February 21, 2011

Garden Layout v1.0

I took a first cut at this year's garden layout. Comments are welcome about everything's placement (click the image to read the words).

Plans are to erect a trellis for the green beans & snow peas similar to what this fella did.

The "drop dead", last frost date around here is April 15. Plans are to start the tomatos & peppers in my personal greenhouse on this new shelf in the laundry room in the next week or so.

SpongeBob will just have to get over the competition.



  1. Corn, if planted in one row will get tall and heavy and fall over in the wind (if the raccoons dont climb up it first), what I do is plant a "block" of corn 10' x 10' (or therabouts).

  2. Corn pollinates better in a block.

  3. I want to know how you are going to keep it all growing in those nice neat circles? BTW I will take some of your excess Tomatoes....

  4. I paid extra for seed packs GUARR-RUN-TEED to grow in circles...