Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shared Courtesy Parking

After my Airstream's renovation, 30-amp power & water were run to its outside-the-fence, designated parking space . Although the site was the cat's meow when first established, as time went on, it became a chore to move the Overlander whenever access to my shop or boat was needed. Plus, I was never all that comfortable with my vintage American Classic sitting outside the fence.

The solution was a concrete pad I refer to as Mount Airstream. This full-hookup (power, water, sewer, CATV, WIFI) pad not only made life easier, it allowed me to offer to offer 7/8-hookup Courtesy Parking to travelling RVers in the Airstream's original parking place. While a newspaper ad was never printed about the courtesy, I did mention the parking-site-for-frugal-travellers on the Airstream forum. I almost had my first 'Airstream cousin' visit earlier this year, but his circumstances changed, and Huntsville, AL dropped off his stop-over list.

While talking over the fence the other day to my neighbor Mark, he mentioned that his young niece and her husband had run into a rough patch while trying to close on their new house, and the short-term solution was that one of their Dads was going to bring a travel trailer over to Mark's yard in the next day or two for the couple to live in for a while. Of course I immediately mentioned all the amenites offered at my Overlander's original parking place. "Thanks", he said with genuine appreciation, "But, they may be here for several weeks, and I don't want to tie-up your driveway. Plus, I already have a [15-amp] outdoor outlet for them to plug into."

Not to ring my own bell, but I once wrote an article on campground power and how campers need to be aware of how poor power can cook their air conditioner$. After mentioning the available 30-amp service to Mark, I could see the light bulb immediately light above his head (and he did not even need to read my article).

With power, water, and CATV hookups running across the driveway from my courtesy parking site, Mark's niece is now enjoying staying at both our places.

Keep me in mind if you are ever passing through The Rocket City.


  1. What a nice thing to do.

    And I think Frank is right-- someone is enjoying blogging!

    Now, when is that sump pump post coming along? :)