Monday, December 28, 2020

Transporting 100 Pounds of Propane in PU Truck

 For lotsa reasons I have always wanted to have a 100 pound bottle of propane around in case of emergency.  I finally pulled the trigger the other day after getting 20 lb & 30 lb bottles refilled.

The biggest challenge from a DIY viewpoint is transporting the charged bottle in a vertical position.  The Internet was strangely silent on good ways to do this.  So here is what I think is a good way.

The base needs to be constrained just like the top.  After looking at my truck, I decided the tank needed to sit forward of the front of the front of the bed just to get a good angle on the tie-down straps.  Don't beat me up on the big whomp on the front of the bed - I had help...



  1. In the winter, like it is now, it really does not matter. But in the summer if the tank gets too hot and the overpressure relief opens when the tank is horizontal it will spew liquid propane which will immediately turn into a huge cloud of gaseous propane. If the OPR should open in an upright position only gaseous propane will hiss out.