Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Like The Easy Fixes

My shop’s compressed air supply is fed by a big ole 220 vac, Devilbiss compressor which Kim bought me in 1996.  Although the cut-off switch was replaced about six years ago, I believe the compressor has been ON since the day I got it.

Yesterday found my shop OUT of compressed air.  After less than five minutes of troubleshooting, I found a failed crimp-connector in the compressor motor wiring:

Although it is hard to see in the jittery image, I think the connector fatigued from vibration, and then arced & melted.  Thankfully, the mating post was still useable.

After crimping & soldering a new connector on, I was back in business.

Since my going-in thought had been “motor replacement”,  I was really happy that a simple connector replacement was all it took to get my shop air back online.


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