Monday, November 12, 2012

TEN-X to the Rescue!

It has been especially rainy here today in North Alabama on this Veteran’s Day, and while we spent time appreciating our Service-People, I was happy my son’s Scout Troup was not scheduled to participate in today’s downtown parade because I usually walk with them.  We both were happy to stay warm & dry @home since the rain was accompanying 50 degree temperatures.

After getting an email earlier today from a fellow Airstreamer in which he confirmed that today’s rain had not leaked past his latest sealing attempt, I remembered a loose rivet found on the roof of my Airstream while repairing the air conditioner.

Hoping that this new leak path might be a contributor to a small puddle found in the bathroom after a good rain, the rivet was sealed with TEN-X, a sealer left in the Overlander by the original owner.

After Perry’s email exchange, I went out and found the Airstream’s bathroom countertop blissfully dry – something which I have been wishing for (after a good rain) for the last couple of years.  TEN-X kicked butt!

While it may be a miracle sealant, don’t go looking for the product; it does not appear to be made anymore.  Never fear, though - its good, squeeze-into-a-paper-bag type of smell reminds me a lot of Parbond.


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  1. Keep your nose out of that bag. The feeling of brain cells dying is pleasurable, but it is, well, brain cells dying. Maybe you have a surplus...