Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pickled Eggs

On a whim, I decided to pickle some eggs a few weeks ago.  The Internet suggested using leftover pickle juice as a time saver.

Surprisingly, after commenting on the effort on a food forum I visit, many people were not familiar with pickled eggs.

After a a couple weeks of standing time in the fridge, the eggs were enjoyed immensely.  This was an effort worth repeating.

In anticipation of the next batch of pickled eggs, leftover hot peppers & such from other cooking efforts were added to the brine before hard-boiling the next batch of eggs today.

I hope I can wait for the couple of weeks the eggs need to absorb the flavor.




  1. you know what else is a good use for said pickle juice? Well, I will tell you anyhow! Marinade chicken in it all day then mop it on as you slow grill it! Well, I'll be, it is some kind of tasty!

    1. I saw that in one of your posts. I'm really curious; wish I knew proportions.


  2. Oh, yeah. I love pickled eggs. Up this way, beet juice is apart of it so they are nuclear red like pistachio were when we were kids Tom.

  3. OMG do you have a fuzzy logic egg cooker, too? Is there no end to your arsenal of culinary gadgets?

    A Sunday dinner edition of pickled eggs is to batter & deep fry them ... or devil them.

    A curious fan in Memphis

  4. Ah, pickled eggs - one of the great Saloon Foods that are, sadly, disappearing from bars (and markets.) I'm not too surprised that denizens of a food forum were unfamiliar with them; the old-fashioned preserved and "ready-to-eat" stuff like pickled eggs and meat are vanishing as microwaves and convenience stores provide greater variety and lower cost. Too bad.

  5. OMG Dave of Dave's Cupboard Blog posted on yours!!!!! He is one of my heroes and I so hope one day he will comment on mine!!!