Monday, June 20, 2011

Varmints Are Keeping Me From Green Acres

This year’s Victory Garden is faring poorly at this point. While Kim & I are used to feeding the masses at Sunday School & Alabama games, there have never been any plans to feed God’s creatures in the middle of the night. But squirrels/rabbits/birds are not known for coordinating meals with us. At least the fence keeps out deer.

Replanting the squash, cucumbers & corn once, and the watermelon twice is one thing, but the string beans were crawling up the hemp ropes laid out (front of trellis) quite well until some animal I would like to make tomorrow night’s dinner has repeatedly stopped by to chew stalks off at ground level. I figure there will be no string bean plants left in a week or so.

The sugar snap peas (back of trellis), for some reason, are not a target. Perhaps my potential stew meat is waiting for them to crawl further up the trellis. The plants may have a blight, though, and the varmints are simply avoiding an upset tummy.

The tomato plants are, amazingly, looking pretty good. The bell pepper plants are doing okay, but I would have preferred them be a bit taller by this point. I would share more pictures, but I’d rather not consequentially share how badly the garden needs weeding at this point.

I guess my gardening guide from the ‘60s was cancelled before Oliver Douglas had a chance to address varmint control .


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  1. Most of my damage to my young plants comes from rabbits that have figured out how to cut through the poly deer fence.Last year I put chicken wire(24") around and tried to get it buried about 4 inches in the ground.
    There hasn't been that much damage this year.I cover the berries with netting and spay all the cabbage family with BT. That has been the extent of my pest control.