Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ever seen an $807.69 carnation?

We towed the Airstream up a mountainous pass the other weekend with my 3/4-ton Silverado, and the truck's 6 liter Vortec powerhouse was not happy. I suspect the Mighty Suburban (which I do not let anyone else work on) might have cast a spell on the younger truck out of spite for not being chosen to tow for this outing.

Regardless, after assessing the symptoms, I decided to take the ailing vehicle to the dealership instead of working on it myself primarily because getting my vegetable garden started this year is still consuming too much of my time.

Between mine & Kim's schedules, and the weather being as nice as it has been lately, I elected to take the truck to the shop with my motorcycle in the truck's bed to off-load & continue on to work, just to handle the whole vehicle-in-shop issue myself.

Unfortunately, the truck was not ready by the time I left work, and between dinner, and going to the other side of town to enjoy our oldest boy singing in a presentation, there was no time left to retrieve the secondary tow vehicle.

Rain was projected for this morning, and Kim asked me to NOT ride the bike to work this morning with my end goal of picking up the truck afterwards. She's funny about anytime they forecast 60 mph winds. I've learned to live with it.

Fortunately, her schedule lightened enough this morning that she was able to hitch a ride & go & pay the bill, and bring the truck home.

While paying the bill, the dealership gave her a carnation as a "thanks for your patronage" acknowledgement.

It has been years since this truck was in the shop, and the cost of this repair will be forgotten in the vein of "it's not a monthly new car payment".

In a nod to the dealership, Kim will remember the carnation.


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