Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My First Blog Post

This is the first post of the blog I created several weeks ago, and although I knew there would be a learning curve, I didn't expect as much trouble as I have had coming up with a good first post.

You see, for about the past five years, most of my free computer time has been consumed with Airstream-related stuff because 'streamin' is one of my favorite activities. Some people reading this might even know I have a webpage devoted to my 1967 Overlander International. But, since most, if not all, Vintage Airstreamers are Do-It-Yourselfers AND I just want to share my experiences with whatever pops up in my curious world, I decided to use this blog to chronicle both Airstream stuff NOT covered on my webpage, and DIY stuff that's either cool or I just wanted to do myself rather than pay someone to do.

Although I plan to document some back-projects, two significant things happened lately which I feel like sharing.

Memorial Day found us at a theme park called Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana:

Holiday World is home to the world's tallest water ride which Number 1 son & I rode.

We had a blast at the park. There's a little more fun to talk about concerning our trip, but my buddy Frank wanted to hear more about the stump removal I just had done. Since I'm still learning how to work a blog, let me move over to what he's waiting for.

The month of May established a new record for rainfall here in Northern Alabama. In addition to flooding my house's crawlspace & wiping out my air conditioner's ductwork (future post), the rain & wind took out a cement-filled, double-barreled Hackberry tree sitting at the fence line in my back yard. Seven chainsaw chains later, I was left with this:

The orange tape is there to keep Cookie from walking over the trunk into the neighborhood (yes it worked - Labs are great dogs but they ain't rocket scientists).

I though about renting a backhoe, but since I last operated one around 1979, I thought I might be a bit rusty. So I called Buck, who, a few years ago, had brought in dirt & distributed it with HIS backhoe around my newly-built shop and asked him to handle it. He brought in his new toy, a miniature trench hoe, to do the job.

A skillful fellow, he did a fantastic job, and I was later grateful that he brought a tracked tool in for the task because a backhoe would have really rutted the yard.

Hopefully, my future posts will be better as I learn how to post to a blog (adding pictures is more trouble than I was expecting). But I'm getting great training from reading everyone elses blogs. Marcus has a good idea - Let's see if it works for me:

Naa, I think I'll leave the tour to the Texas beer.



  1. Natty Light. You truly do love your cheap beer!

    Good to see the blog up and running, and it's good to see you online once again.