Saturday, August 22, 2009

Joy's New Pool Liner

Our next door neighbor, Joy, has a pool, and years ago extended an open invitation for us to come & enjoy its use. Unfortunately, when the cover was removed this season, it was obvious that the plastic liner had a leak in it as there was hardly any water in the pool. Luckily for the Boyz, Joy decided to have the pool fixed. And since Joy knows I’m a curious fellow, she invited me over to see how a new pool liner gets installed.

Interestingly, most, if not all, pool liners are custom made for each application. After draining and re-felting the sides, there was a couple days down-time while the new liner was made. The crew who did all the work was fun to watch because everyone worked hard, and obviously knew how to do his job.

The only hitch in the installation came when this guy noticed an unsettling liner bulge in the pool’s deep end.

After a quick head count, the mystery was solved.

Shop-Vacs are the secret to getting a smooth pool liner. After smoothing the big creases out of the liner, two Shop-Vacs, one on either side of the pool, were used to suck all the air out from behind the liner. During the process, all the little wrinkles disappeared. The vacuums were left on while the pool was filled with water.

After a day or two of filling & settling, the Boyz checked out the repaired pool, and pronounced it good to go.

Don’t touch that dial! Coming up, in another installment of Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Ask?, plans are to present Tom and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Same Bat Channel!

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